Thursday, February 12, 2015

Season 3 Episode 15: Eat Me

Welcome to a special episode of the First World Podcast! First we've got news blast with some Evolve controversy and news on Bethesda's big E3 announcement. For our main topic, we have the privilege of sitting down with Gateway Games founder Jamie Toon to discuss their recent Kickstarter campaign for the tabletop game How To Serve Man and to get a lesson from the source on how our favorite tabletop games come to be! Finally in Now Playing, Greg and Dan switch places with Greg talking Dragon Age Inquisition and Dan discussing his feelings on Life is Strange, while Jamie rages on Skyrim for some glitchy DLC and talks the X-Com tabletop/tablet game.

If you would like to be a backer for How To Serve Man, please visit their Kickstarter page here to learn more and checkout Gateway Games on Facebook.
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Dan and Greg

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