Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Season 2 Episode 20: Sugoi!

Konbanwa, this is the First World Podcast.  This week, we look at the rise and decline of Japan in the gaming world, and have a hearty debate on it's future in the world of video games.  Heath kept digging into his PS4 and played Killzone: Shadow Fall and Outlast.  Madison, after getting blasted on Valentines Day, played though most of Saints Row the 3rd.  Greg is still playing a ton of Mechwarrior Online, so he decided to fill us in on some other free-to-play mech games.  Dan got a new Windows phone, and also played the joyously insane Inazuma Eleven, a Soccer RPG for the 3DS.  Because the main topic was sooooooo good, and went on a little long, we decided to not do a third segment.  Let us know what you would like us to end with next week.

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  1. I've played World of Tanks for a while. I stopped playing though. Its not hard to join into the game, as the system for balancing teams is really well done. I found that the best way to play the game was to understand the maps. Also, as with the rest, teamwork is key.