Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Season 2 Episode 16: Ladies Night

Welcome back to the First World Podcast. We have a special episode for you, where we explore the way women are portrayed in video games.  Greg spent some money, and a lot more time in Mechwarrior Online.  Madison beat DMC, and has moved on to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.  Dan took advantage of the Playstation 14 of 14 sale, and got Pixeljunk Monsters HD for the vita, and Killzone: Mercenaries.  Heath kept on playing the roguelikes and has been super addicted to Spelunky.  We wrap up the episode with our kid tested, mother approved, Random Encounters.

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  1. I mentioned this to Maddison the other day. I think that the rise of female characters is directly proportional to the rise of the female gamer. However, because of the cultures that a lot of video games come from still (*cough* Japanese hentai), there are a lot of games that still showcase the sterotyped sexualized woman.