Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Season 2 Episode 9: Why Didn't Anyone Buy Us PS4's On Friday?

Welcome back to the First World Podcast.  PlayStation 4 came out on Friday, Xbox One, or the Xbone as we so lovingly call it, comes out this Friday.  We figured we would talk about the response of the PS4 and the expectations of the Xbone.  Dan couldn't make it to the podcast this week, so, Brett Aldrich stepped in to tell us a little Android title called Aquaria.  Heath dug into Shadowrun Returns, and gives some advice on how to make money on GTA5. Greg also played Shadowrun Returns, and is starting to have a better time with Disgaea.  Madison is still chipping away at Pokemon, but went back to Dragon's Crown.  We finish up the episode with a new segment called the Way Back Machine where we talk about some of our favorite classics.  For our debut game, we went with the ever popular Super Mario Bros. 3.

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