Monday, September 23, 2013

Season 2 - Episode 1: Platinum Plated

Welcome back to the First World Podcast. Thank you for joining us on the start of our second season. Greg "Awesome" Braun spent some time playing NHL 14, with classic '94 results.  Heath "That's a High Score" Aldrich ran over some grandmas, and crashed some cars in Grand Theft Auto 5. Dan "Fuckity-Fuck" Clark played some 8 bit horror with Dead Pixels, and didn't win a dollar.  Madison "Mad Queen" Davis spent some time on her recent Ebay win on Lunar Silver Star Story, and showed off her new piece of tech with the Nexus 7.  We spend some time this week talking about the legacy of Clover studios, which turned into Platinum games.  We wrap up the episode with our ever popular Triple Barrel Shotgun Round: What developer would you like to make what game?  Was that confusing enough?

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