Friday, August 23, 2013

Episode 46: Hands Holding Hands

Dan's back bitches!!! And so is the First World Podcast.  With Madison's recent badass birthday haul, walking away with a sexy blue 3DS XL, we decided that it would be appropriate to talk about Handhelds again.  Madison had an all portable week and played a ton of Pokemon White Ver. 2.  Dan, after borrowing Greg's Vita, got to play Gravity Rush while he was on vacation, but was instantly distracted when he got home by Duck Tales Remastered.  Heath and Greg had a very different week in gaming then Dan and Madison, they got totally lost by the Magic The Gathering game on PC, because it is fantastic.  We finished the episode with a very silly Triple Barrel Shotgun Round where we asked the question;  What intellectual property would you like to be made into a game?  What type of game would that be?  Let us know what you would want in the comments below.
Every kids (and adults) dream....

In a couple of episodes we are going to be celebrating our one year anniversary of the First World Podcast, and we would like you guys to give us some input on what you would like us to do for the shindig.  So, feel free to write us, leave us comments, tweet, or Facebook your suggestions.

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