Friday, July 19, 2013

Episode 41: Digital Pizza the 2nd

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the First World Podcast.  This week we planned on doing a different topic, but the summer Steam sale derailed us, and brought us back to the topic of digital distribution.  Heath had a full week of gaming and beat The Last of Us, also got to check out The Walking Dead: 400 Days.  Dan took full advantage of the iOS App Store anniversary and played all 5 of the free games, but really loved Where's My Water. No, seriously, he really liked it.  Madison filled her time while downloading all of her Steam games with a tower defense game called Revenge of the Titans, and finished up her week with Boarderlands 2.   Greg, also took advantage of the Steam sale, and got a special MMO called The Secret World.  We skipped doing a Triple Barrel Shotgun Round, or a Inside the Gamers Studio, to do a new segment we called Mailbox 360, where we read some of the great letters we got for episode 40 All That Violence.

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  1. I keep being surprised by the fact you folks skipped over the biggest reasons for non-digital buying... Bandwidth and Instant Gratification. I have less than a 3Mbit pipe with DSL and I know others who have a standard 1.5 DSL line.
    Big games take hours and hours to download. Which is fine if I don't need my connection for a day or more, but normally I want to use connection. And yes I can set it up and night and run it while I'm at work, but that still means I'm waiting a day or more to play a game. And what happens if something goes wrong or the system needs input for something?
    What I like about going out and getting a disk is most of the time the game is ready when I put it in my machine. Instant gratification. Oddly enough there hasn't been a game I've wanted to buy day 1 in the past 4 months. However, there will be a few games I want on my xbox I plan on getting a disk for soon.
    -The Big Bad Beerad