Friday, July 5, 2013

Episode 39: Control Freaks

Hello listeners, are you finally ready for today's secret?  There are times in history when everything falls into place, and just makes sense.  Dan and Heath met years ago smoking cigarettes and arguing about which Zelda game was better. Fast forward 5 years and the two finally decided to start a podcast.  After a couple of episodes, the dynamic duo decided to bring in our first guest, which was a thinly veiled excuse for Heath to hang out with Greg, and by the end of that episode, we knew we had our third host.  The gamers three continued their digital journey, facing all the trials and tribulations that a group can come across, having to change Studios, bandwidth issues, and disappointments.  Somewhere along the way, we decided that we would want to talk to a gamer of the female persuasion, and the name Madison Davis entered out lexicon.  She came in prepared, and ready for anything, and was not intimidated on any topic.  She impressed up so much, that she was even invited back to cover for Greg on the E3 episode.  After we recorded that episode, there were rumblings about making this power trio a quartet.  After much deliberations, the First World Podcast is proud to announce to you listeners, that Madison Davis will now be our 4th, full time host.  Please send lots of love her way.

This is a thumb of a serious gamer.
This week, we have a very lively conversation about the evolution of controllers.  Greg played 4 things this week, but only really talked about Saints Row The 3rd.  Madison kicked Heath's ass at Arcana Heart, and started her playthrough of Bioshock Infinite.  Heath, while loving every second of it, got very perplexed while playing Project X Zone for the 3ds.  Dan went old school, and played through Mega Man 3, and also rocked Mighty Switch Force 2.  We finished up with a new segment called, Inside The Gamers Studio.  This is a biosegment, that this week, focuses on Madison, so you all can get to know her a little better.  We will follow with the other hosts soon.

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  1. Great news! This show never dissapoints and now with a female rpg player on the team ghings can only get better.

    Hey madison! -you rock!