Friday, June 14, 2013

Episode 36: Electronic Entertainment Explosion

Thanks for joining us on another episode of the First World Podcast. This week, Greg could not join us, but in his stead is the Queen Prinny herself Madison Davis. This week Heath, Dan and Madison change up the format and talk in depth about this weeks E3 Expo. We have a segment about each of the big 3 console makers press events (or direct videos) with analysis, opinion, and one very hungry kitty. It'll be just like you went to E3, minus the crowds, lasers, and hangover. Enjoy!

Begun, the console wars, have.

This week also marks our first episode partnering with Stitcher Radio. Please download the Stitcher Radio app on your tablet or phone (iTunes or Google Play) to get our show updated every week and help us get some new fans along the way! Thanks for listening!

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