Friday, May 31, 2013

Episode 34: Episode One

Greetings and welcome to another adventure filled episode of The First World Podcast! This week the dudes jump head first into the recently unveiled Xbox One. We go in depth with specs, rumors, and our personal opinions on the next gen Microsoft console. But first, Heath talks Neo Geo and the recently announced games bundle, Dan takes a swing at the final Operation Rainfall game to reach the west with Pandora's Tower (with disgusting results), and Greg boldly joins the Romulan Empire and raids a few tombs in the new Tomb Raider. Finally we return with a Triple Barrel Shotgun round about our least favorite heroes (not including the second season of the show)

. Let us know what YOU think about the new Xbox One. Excited? Hate it? Confused? We want to know. Write us at Follow us on twitter @1stworldpodcast. Rate us on iTunes and Podbean. Thanks for listening!

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