Friday, May 3, 2013

Episode 30: Ice Cream Social

Welcome to another exciting episode of the First World Podcast.  This week we have a special guest host, Robert Black.  Robert is an author of the Bad Metal Series, which you should totally go out and read and enjoy.  Robert has been playing a lot of retro games, as he is also the host of 8-Bit Happy Hour.  Dan played Injustice on his iPhone, and some Marvel Pinball on his Wii U.  Greg had his soul crushed by the infamous Demon's Souls.  Heath played some Puzzled on his Neo Geo X, and finished his SuperGun.  Our main topic of discussion is Social Gaming, while eating Ice Cream... And drinking Absinthe.

We introduced our new feature, Random Encounters!!!  In Random Encounters, we randomly draw names of video game characters from a hat, and discuss in length about who would win in a fight.  Today's fighters are:

Rayman (Rayman Origins) v. Sepheroth (FF7)

Flash (Injustice) v. Blob (Boy and His Blob)

Vega (Street Fighter 2) v. Zitz (Battletoads)

Naked Snake (MGS:3 Snake Eater) v. Laura Croft (Tomb Raider reboot)

Let us know if you agree with the winners, and if you like our new segment.

Thanks again Robert for Joining us, and thank you for listening!!!



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