Saturday, March 2, 2013

Episode 22: PSFour The Win

Welcome back to a thrilling episode of the First World Podcast.  This week we examine and discuss last week's announcement of the Playstation 4. Heath plays a charming indie game called Gunman Clive.  Greg breaks down and downloads the entire Mass Effect Trilogy for the PS3.  Dan reaches a new level of appreciation for Fire Emblem: Awakening as he digs deeper into that amazing quest.  We finish the episode with our Alopecia Areata easing* Triple Barrel Shotgun Round where we ask the question, what food from video games would you eat?  Let us know below.

On a special note, this episode was recorded on Greg's Birthday!!! So, everyone wish Greg a Happy Birthday!!!

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*The First World Podcast can not cure or ease Alopecia Areata, no matter how hard we try.


  1. The Ps4 sounds like a cool machine, I wish it could have had some other extra special feature about it other than sharing and social networking, wich to me is just not interesting.

    I game to get away from shit, and have some private time... MY precious private time, by myself, alone.

    Top notch show, you all rock!

  2. The main reason I don't have a next gen system is because I don't have good internet at my house. That and I really don't have any time to spend on any big games. But I see the move to high bandwidth next gen systems and I am definitely being left behind. I guess I'll just play these android games *sigh*

  3. Honorable mention: I'm surprised nobody said jelly beans from a boy and his blob

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