Friday, February 8, 2013

Episode 19: Massive Style

Welcome back to another episode of the First World Podcast.  This week The Gamers Three talk about the importance of art direction and style versus graphic realism.  Heath Aldrich played some Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones and kept on writing music on his tricked out DMG.  Dan Clark stomps the Koopas into submission on NSMBU, and moves ever closer to saving the universe in Mass Effect 2.  Greg Braun spends some time on PSN and test drives The Cave, and Ni No Kuni.  We end the show with our ever popular Triple Barrel Shotgun round, where we ask the question: Which video game world would you like to visit?

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Song 1: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - Truth, Despair, Hope (GBA)
Song 2: Mass Effect 2 - Lower Afterlife (PS3/360)
Song 3: DMC - Main Theme (PS3/360)
Song 4: Okami - The Sun Rises (PS2/Wii)
Song 5: Final Fantasy IX - Battle (PSX)
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  1. Speaking of ultra realism, this example seems to fit perfectly into your discussion only in this case, the fans feel a bait-and-switch was given with the "work in progress" looking hyper real and the actual gameplay seeming to be completely toned down.