Friday, January 11, 2013

Episode 15: The Hundred Million Dollar Episode

Two weeks off from recording, did you miss us?  We missed you.  Welcome back to the First World Podcast, a conversational podcast about gaming.  For our first podcast of the year, we spend some times talking about the games that we have been playing over our break.  Greg got to play a lot of games over the break, Soundscapes seems to be his favorite. Dan and Greg, both, got to spend some time as the caped crusader, Batman in a little place called Arkham City.  Heath got to clean up Studio 1-1 and start on his dedicated gaming place.  In this week's topic, we discuss triple A game development, and the cost associated with it.  Heath probably made up most of the statistics he brought up, but they do sound good when spoken.  For our final segment, the Triple Barrel Shotgun round, we ask ourselves what were our biggest gaming appointments?  Please let us know in the comments below.

We also are announcing our new segment called Challenge Mode!!!  Where, every month we will start a new challenge, whether that is playing a notoriously bad game (like this months challenge) or it is playing ultra difficult games.  If you have any challenges for us, or you want to take part in the challenge, please email us at

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Thank you for joining us again!

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  1. BrĂ¼tal Legend was awesome! You guys can suck it! TIM SCHAFER 4 LUGE!

    1. Correction: LYFE!

      I messed that one up. I shouldn't comment and drive but you guys and your hate-speech on Brutal Legend got me fired up.

  2. How about this challenge for Challenge Mode? Heath needs to play an MMORPG for a while, Greg needs to play through Splinter Cell, and Dan needs to play..... God of War or something where historical facts are messed with, preferably Italian or Greek history.