Friday, November 16, 2012

Episode 9: Digital Pizza

This week, Dan throws the group a curve ball and we change the topic of the show, 10 minutes before we recorded the episode.  To make up for the change in plans, he warms our hearts with some pizza!!! (it was half and half for all of you analog lovers out there)  Greg completes Uncharted 3, while the revolutionary war seems to have him stumped in Assassins Creed 3.  Heath completes Resident Evil 6, and will not speak of it again... Until next week.  Dan kicks it up a notch and plays 3 power house titles, Code of Princess, Assassins Creed 2, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star.  We continue our conversation to our feature topic with Dr. Dan on Digital Distribution. The Triple Barrel Shotgun question of the week is "Which 3 game franchises would you bring back from the dead?"

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