Friday, November 23, 2012

Episode 10: Wii for U, and U for Wii

On November 18th, 2012, Nintendo changed the face of the industry once again with the launch of their new home console, the Wii U.  With pre-orders in hand, Heath and Dan, are the first in line at their local GameStop to get their hands on the new hotness.  This cast follows the discussion on owning a Wii U for the first 30 hours, unfortunately, without Greg, who was at band practice.  We talk about the system's launch, the games we got, and the Wii U's functionality, spoiler for you, it isn't the Netflix app. We finish the episode with the Triple Barrel Shotgun question, what is your favorite hair in a video game?  We would like to know.

We now have had more time with the Wii U, so if you have any questions, or would like to talk with us about the Wii U (or anything else for that matter) please email us at or message us at  If you were lucky and picked up a Wii U, you can friend Heath and Dan by adding their Nintendo ID's Tizona and Haldrich (guess who is who).  Please subscribe and rate us at iTunes, and/or Podbean, and follow us on Twitter @1stWorldPodcast.

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Musical Selections (All bumper songs this week were recorded directly from game, off the WiiU Gamepad)
Song 1: Donkey Kong Crash Course - Nintendoland (WiiU)
Song 2: Octopus Dance - Nintendoland (WiiU)
Song 3: WiiU E-Shop (WiiU)
Song 4 (tiny bumpers around interview): WiiU Friends List (WiiU)


  1. You guys are gonna make me go out and buy a WiiU! I don't have time for this shizz but ZombieU looks and sounds so awesome!! Damn yous, damn yous all to heeeeeellllllll!

  2. I agree with threeyees.

    This episode almost made me wanna find a job to afford the wiiu..

    Happy you guys are having good time!

  3. Yeah, it is really weird how quick the Wii U grabbed me. I really liked the PS3 when I got it, but it was more the games that were center stage as I played through GTA4, RE5, Fallout 3, and FF13. I never really looked at the hardware very closely, I didn't take advantage of the online infrastructure, until Netflix. The Wii U itself, instantly crawls under your skin, and doesn't let you go. The implementation of Miiverse makes this system a contender, and that is before you get to the games. I really enjoy everything I have played so far, and am really excited for the next wave of new games and new players.