Friday, October 19, 2012

First World Podcast ep 5: Pocket Power

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Welcome back to another episode of the First World Podcast.  In this weeks episode, Dan and Heath spend a Sunday morning talking about the legacy that is portable gaming.  We start at it's birth in the 70's, and follow it to present day glory.  If you don't have nearly as much time for sit down console/pc games, then this episode is for you.

We also spent some time talking about an analog program called Munchkin.  We don't feel that we could have done a great job explaining the game, so we give you all this video to give you a deeper look at the game.

I think this is the episode of Radio Free Nintendo that has the portion on the Game and Watch series.  Give it a listen, it is a great podcast.

Tune in next week where we will be having our Halloween celebratory Zombiecast!!!  Feel free to send us links to cool games that are horror focused games at  As always, subscribe to us on iTunes, or subscribe to us on Podbean.  Thanks for listening!!!



  1. Nice show.
    As an old c64 gamer the demo scene is very familiar to me. The games back in the those days where on commonly on casettes and tapes full of pirated games and demos, and these where copied and traded like crazy amongst us crazy kids. The pirate groups almost always inserted their own demos as an intro of the games. At the time, these was very impressive. Some of the demo groups featured in linger in shadows i clearly remember thir names from back in the days. I loved it.

  2. I vaguely remember that too. My family had a lot of pirated c64 games, a lot of them didn't work, but they always had really cool test patterns. I remember one very clearly on the weird Mario clone that had those freaky inchworms, but it had the demo screen that had killer music and a text scroll that thanked all their fellow pirates. Wow, I now have a different way to look at Linger. Thanks for the info!

  3. Not sure if this has been worked on already but I've noticed a complete lack of file name formatting which is more of a OCD/aesthetic issue for me. Just a suggestion, naming your audio files with a specific "searchable" format such as FWPep5pocketpower.mp3 or FWP-ep5-pocketpower.mp3, so search engines can "know" what the audio file contains similar to an image. I educate SEO (search engine optimization) every day and file names are one of those things that help search engines understand what the file is all about however I myself listen to your podcast on my smartphone and the file itself doesn't tell me what episode I'm listening to other than the episode name. Anyhoo, thanks for the awesome product and keep up the good work! :D

  4. It seems that every episode I listen to brings back memories for me and the one I thought would be fun to share would be one about Pokemon.
    When Pokemon was on its way to the USA, my brother followed its progress this way through Nintendo Power and he came to me and made a deal with me. He said "you have to get this game with me, its perfect. I will get the blue (which was his favorite color) and you can get red (which was mine) and we can trade the pocket monsters and battle between our two Gameboys." I had no idea the journey I was going to be on as we put in our pre-orders at Toys-R-Us and picked them up the night of the release. I think he and I were the only ones there.
    I still remember just being in awe at the game cartridge with its literal red color. I played and I played and I played this game and I was the first at my school to have it. I think this had to be one of the first video games that I put this much time into.
    Heath states in the podcast that he thinks I played about 300 hours, I say that it had to be more. I played the Indigo Plateau so many times that I was able to get all 150 pokemon to level 100 and I also took advantage of the several glitches to get pokemon to exceed that number.
    My friends and I would find any rumor on the net and test them out such as finding Mew or the semi truck out in the middle of the water and we even had "glitch" pokemon that just looked like a bunch of pixels.
    I may have loved my Gameboy before Pokemon however Pokemon made sure that thing was attached to me all day, everyday and I was thinking about it when it was in my bag at school.
    Those were the days.