Thursday, October 11, 2012

Check out the sweet new First World Podcast logo.
Mad props to our friend Ada King for bringing our vision to life! What do you all think?



  1. Looking very good.

    Ps. Im not tvelve. Im 39. Been gaming since dad bought me a Pong and later a Commodore 20 and then Commodore64. Since then ive played almost every console there was. But now as lifes taking time from gaming, my son and renovating old house. I find myself almost only playing handhelds.

    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks Johan!
      Good to know we have some more "experienced" gamers out there.
      I too have hit points where so much of real adult life takes it's toll on the good solid gaming time, and did the same as you, which is cling to handhelds. What do you have? DS, 3DS, Vita?
      Thanks again for taking the time to listen. We'll have another episode up tonight!

  2. Dsl and 3ds. Cant find a real good reason for buying a vita even tho itsa a very sweet peice of tech.
    One hour of handheld gaming in bed when all is calm and everyone is sleeping is a great way to relax and get that quality alone time one so rarely have these days.

    But hey. Do hit me up on psn. I try to squeeze in some trophy hunting now and then.
    Psn: Jbz-1973

  3. Love the logo, may need some polishing. I could help out with that... maybe :)