Sunday, September 30, 2012

Super Clark Bros.

   On Christmas, 1991, my older brother had asked for and received an Nintendo Entertainment System. From that day forward, my love affair with video games began, in large part with my brother Michael leading the way. From letting me hold the second controller and “play” Super Mario Bros along with him, to helping me through my very first RPG (Phantasy Star 3), and even when he accidentally erased my Pokemon Blue save file, he has been a part of my gaming upbringing.
   Michael passed away in 1999 at 18 in an accident. Today would have been his 32nd birthday. As today wore on, and I played video games like I always do, my thoughts turned to him and the fact that if not for him, I wouldn't be a lot of things. Musician, devoted brother to our little sister, beard enthusiast. But most of all, without his influence I may never have found comfort and camaraderie in video games. I'll always have him to thank for the. Miss you bro.


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